Links: Design Patterns

  1. Structural Patterns – Facade Patternhides the complexities of system from the client and provides a simpler interface, see there as well
    (list of patterns as in book “Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software” by E.Gamma, R.Helm, R.Johnson, J.Vlissides):

    1. Creational Patterns:
      1. Factory Pattern
      2. Abstract Factory Pattern
      3. Singleton Pattern
      4. Builder Pattern
      5. Prototype Pattern
    2. Structural Patterns:
      1. Adapter Pattern
      2. Bridge Pattern
      3. Composite Pattern
      4. Decorator Pattern
      5. Facade Pattern
      6. Flyweight Pattern
      7. Proxy Pattern
    3. Behavioral Patterns:
      1. Chain of Responsibility Pattern
      2. Command Pattern
      3. Interpreter Pattern
      4. Iterator Pattern
      5. Mediator Pattern
      6. Momento Pattern
      7. Observer Pattern
      8. State Pattern
      9. Strategy Pattern
      10. Template Pattern
      11. Visitor Pattern
  2. Entry-Point Function Definition: Microsoft DLL
  3. QueryInterface retrieves pointers to the supported interfaces on an object


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